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Poplify built the entire platform the the Ladood team that included the entire site, ecommerce platform and social media accounts.

Ladood aims to create unique, funny and personal invitations specifically for Asian weddings that is tailored to your event. They make the process of picking and ordering wedding invitations seamless so it doesn’t become an extra ‘chore’ but something fun in the build-up to your event.

Ladood reached out Poplify to build the entire platform from scratch and help grow their brand.

Poplify and Ladood, worked alongside each other to create the entire website and e-commerce platform that allowed the selection of invites easy and fun for clients! In growing the brand, various social media channels set up and content created.

‘Poplify possess the right mix of business strategy, product development and creativity to help any business flourish from the ground up. The perfect partners for us and we would recommend them to anyone’ – Pooja Patel, Cofounder, Ladood

Services: Design, Build, Scale