My Locum Choice

My Locum Choice (MLC) are an award-winning service that matches locums to pharmacists and vice-versa. The company was founded by practising pharmacists who had found that their MVP system was far too manual to satisfy their growing consumer base and upon receiving an investment, they decided to relaunch with a new platform with the help of Poplify.

Poplify helped the MLC team build a suite of web and mobile apps from the ground up, taking previous learnings and suggestions and making a fully automated service. Some highlights include:

  • Building a dynamic machine learning algorithm that takes a number of personalised variables to ensure the right locums are matched with the right pharmacies
  • Fulfilment of the entire booking process through mobile apps
  • A pharmacy admin system for a business to manage their workflows

The system is currently being used by over 5000 pharmacies and over 3000 locums as well as being rolled out to the optometry sector in 2019.

“Our clients are very impressed with the platform, we really appreciate what Poplify have done for us and look forward to our ongoing collaboration” Miraj Patel – CEO My Locum Choice