Website & Digital Marketing

Digital can improve the lives of others which is why we helped start One Kind Act (OKA). We coined the phrase ‘Living and Giving’ and developed an interactive website and digital marketing strategy around this. In the first 18 months, we helped OKA raise over £200,000, build a community of over a 1000 supporters and won charity startup of the year at the Asian Voice awards.

One Kind Act helps communities around the world who have fallen through the net of larger charities and suffer from a lack of nutrition, education and health. They do this via a unique fundraising strategy called Living and Giving developed in partnership with Poplify.

One Kind Act (OKA) and Poplify joined hands to create a charity with a disruptive digital strategy to help give back to impoverished communities around the world.

The Poplify products team built an online platform that allowed people to sign up, make donations, book events and receive updates that in-turn formed an active community of supporters. Together with the marketing team, they built a large group of supporters by using traditional marketing and digital media that involved online campaigns, social media and email newsletters that improved engagement and increased OKA’s donor base.

‘Balancing the demands of working in a large corporate and starting a charity can be tough. Poplify, however, was a breath of fresh air. They were quick to understand our needs, helped us map out a forward-thinking strategy and developed our entire branding and digital fundraising platform in less than 3 months.’ – Ajay Khindria, Cloud Leader at IBM and Trustee at OneKindAct