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We helped Skwibble build a business that empowers parents to record and share their child’s stories, celebrations and milestones safely and securely.

Skwibble offers parents and relatives an easy to use private and secure app to seamlessly capture their little one’s everyday moments.

Skwibble is a place where parents can safely and securely post those wonderful memories created with their children. Once you’ve uploaded enough content, you can produce a beautiful personalised book to look back on and enjoy for years to come.

When the Skwibble team approached Poplify, they asked us to help develop a brand that brought their idea to life. After working closely with the founders as well as with prospective users (parents and families) we developed the iconic baby head that would form the foundation of the brand. We also produced the Skwibble friendly colour schemes and assets that have been used in offline and online content since.

The main objective when developing the native Skwibble iOS app was to ensure that we did it incrementally. As with any new product, it is best to roadmap and align the release of new features and functionality with the growth in users. Whilst the Skwibble app speaks for itself, we are most proud of our strategic input into the upfront phases of this project as it has set Skwibble up to know what the next stages of the rollout are and how these are best achieved. This will enable the management team to focus on what they do best – growing the user base!

‘Working with Poplify on bringing Skwibble to life has been an exciting and eye-opening journey! Their strategic approach has felt far more like a partnership than a standard supplier/customer experience. Before any development started, we spent a good portion of the time ensuring they really understood the problem I was trying to solve, not just what I thought I wanted to build. Having this immersion into my business alongside their technical ability resulted in a product better than I could have imagined!’ – Birju Pujara, CEO/Founder, Skwibble

Services: Design, Build