Building a Digital Business  for SMEs

For SMEs, digital transformation can help increase profitability, improve customer satisfaction, and streamline business processes when implemented the right way 

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What is your biggest challenge?

Digital transformation is about seeing beyond those cosy legacy systems and embracing the future, because it certainly won’t wait for you. New technology is coming thick and fast, which means that your customers’ expectations are rising along with it. See how you can stay ahead of the curve with our Digital Discovery workshops for SMEs.

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Enhancing your business operations with digital can help you in many ways. Make Informed Decisions Using Data-Driven Insights. Improve workflow and information access with cloud technology. Track employee productivity with performance management tools. Stay on top of your financial goals with accounting software. 

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Digitalisation can open your business to new revenue streams and improve current products and services. These can secure your business' longevity as it enables you to meet changing customer expectations.  Strategies could involve adding an e-commerce function to your business website or improving a product with an app. Talk to us to Learn More.

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    Shaping startups to global enterprises.

    We helped Firezza increase its brand presence and sales across its 20 stores by developing a highly interactive e-commerce site.

    We helped Big Potato Games enhance their traditional board gaming experience with complementary iOS and Android gaming apps

    We helped How Now build an AI powered learning platform that helps teams build skills and work smarter

    We helped Progress bring the essence of Personal Training to everyone by using smart algorithms to give custom workout and nutrition plans

    We helped Fidelity build interactive reports, that allow them to enhance their customer experience and capture valuable insights.

    We helped Wonderush build their online platform and mobile app to allow consumers to book classes and experiences in London.

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