Where can I find a high quality, cost effective and flexible software development team?

Finding a great software development team is easier said than done. Most people experience a Talent, Cost or Flexibility problem and few are able to solve all three at once… Until now!


We understand your problems


The Cost Problem

It's no secret that hiring from a good local agency or freelancer network isn't cheap. It's also expensive to hire and manage an entire software team in-house. Local engineers are in short supply and command a premium or equity. Complementary talent such as UX/UI, Product Managers & QAs may not be 100% utilised but you still pay for a full time resource.


The Talent Problem

Software developers are the most in-demand profession in the world & with job growth exceeding supply the best people get hired quickly.  Searching overseas gives you access to a larger talent pool & saves money. However if you've tried this you'll know it's a minefield sourcing the right talent that can think out of the box and integrate seamlessly with your team. 


The Flexibility Problem

The ability to be flexible to your needs and changing customer and industry demands is imperative to modern-day product development. However in house hiring can take between 1 - 4 months and if you require a part-time resource you’ll probably be refused by most freelance networks or agencies because they only accept block bookings.

The Software Development Sweet Spot

Poplify was founded by 4 entrepreneurs who found it difficult to find a high quality, cost effective and flexible software development team. Solving one problem often came at the expense of another. They knew it could be better so they came up with a unique model that solves all three at once. Poplify’s model has helped early stage startups raise funding, venture backed scaleups increase market traction and international brands adopt technical innovation. Welcome to the Software Development Sweet Spot. 

Top 5% talent powered by knowledge
We provide Top 5% talent by expanding our talent pool via distributed teams and attracting and hiring the best via a rigorous 5 stage screening process. We then supercharge your team with our proprietary knowledge & performance framework.
30% cheaper than existing options
We offer incredible prices by firstly booking talent only when you need it, minimising the cost of redundant resources. Secondly by supplying Hybrid Teams which comprise of the very best offshore and onshore and passing price savings back to you.
Flexibility to scale up and down on demand
We offer two types of services: custom solutions and flexible teams both offer flexibility in their own unique ways. From stop and start services to teams that can scale up and down on demand. See our delivery models below to learn more.

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How do you want to scale?

Experience the Software Development Sweet Spot via three different delivery models dependant on your needs. 

Custom Solutions to help you achieve your goals

Key Benefits

Deliverables & price up front
User-centred design
Enterprise security & QA
Incredible value

Example Solutions

Proof of Concept
Product Planning
Custom Development
Support & Maintenance 

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Flexible Teams that can scale up and down on demand

Key Benefits

Autonomous digital teams
Adjustable on demand
Made up of top 5% talent
Incredible value

Example Teams

Agile development team
Product planning team
UX/UI team
Quality assurance team 

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Top 5% Talent to give your team a boost

Key Benefits

Top 5% hires
Flexible booking
Scale up to a team
Incredible value

Example Hires

Product Manager
UX/UI Designer
Full Stack Developer
QA Consultant

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Shaping startups to global enterprises.

We helped Big Potato Games enhance their traditional board gaming experience with complementary iOS and Android gaming apps

We helped How Now build an AI powered learning platform that helps teams build skills and work smarter

We helped Progress bring the essence of Personal Training to everyone by using smart algorithms to give custom workout and nutrition plans

We helped Fidelity build interactive reports, that allow them to enhance their customer experience and capture valuable insights.

We helped Wonderush build their online platform and mobile app to allow consumers to book classes and experiences in London.

We helped Firezza increase its brand presence and sales across its 20 stores by developing a highly interactive e-commerce site.

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June 3, 2020

Value Proposition Design for Startups

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June 3, 2020

How to build a Minimum Viable Product

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May 30, 2020

Developing a great startup idea

While many people will tell you that execution is more important than an Idea, coming up with an idea to start with is still one of the biggest barriers entrepreneurs have in starting their own business. So how do you come up with the next idea like Larry Page and Sergey Brin with Google, Steve Jobs with Apple or Elon Musk with Tesla? The answer is to not look for ideas rather solutions via a technique we call observational Thinking.

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