We helped Pinboard transform a weekly email newsletter for schools in to a multi community platform across Web, IOS & Android

Pinboard is a weekly email newsletter that was started in 2011 at a London junior school by three parents Amy, Susanna and Sally.  Aware that so much brilliant information was being shared (but also lost) by word-of-mouth, the three devised a single opt-in and closed community email noticeboard: one email, once a week. In a world overwhelmed with information, Pinboard goes back-to-basics and functions just like a traditional pinboard in a community hall. We helped Pinboard to re-build their existing platform which was far too manual and no longer served their needs as the product scaled. The new platform featured a completely redesigned workflow for users as well as a more helpful and informative admin system that could help the Pinboard team understand how people were using their platform. The platform has been launched across Web, IOS & Android. 

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“ The app is absolutely brilliant, we are thrilled and and very grateful to the whole team for all their continued very hard work.”

Amy Bevan
Director, Pinboard

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