We build World Class software teams in India aligned with Your Culture and up to 50% Cheaper than hiring at home 

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The Software Development Sweet Spot

Building a business tough. Building a software development team shouldn’t be.

India’s engineering talent is the driving force behind innovation at companies like Google, Amazon and Apple and they’re also the upstarts powering the 3rd largest startup ecosystem in the world. In other words, India is not short of talent but you need to know how to find and retain them and that’s where we can help.

We help companies find and build culturally-aligned software teams with the top 5% of this talent for up to 50% cheaper than hiring at home. Start delivering great results at a fraction of the cost and scale the team at the speed of need. We call this the Software Development Sweet Spot.

How it works

1. Create a Team Plan

A dedicated Product Manager will work with you to understand your goals and vision, and then create a team plan with the talent you need to get there. Whether you need a few people to augment your existing team or 100 people to build a fully autonomous team, we’ve got you covered.

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2. Build your Team

Our Talent Acquisition Team will then source candidates from the top 5% of India’s engineering talent and put them through a rigorous 5-stage assessment process before sending you handpicked candidates for final interviews. 

3. Setup & Go

With your talent in hand we then setup your team in one of our beautiful work spaces with equipment, fiber connections, games rooms, a gym and in some offices a pool! Congratulations you can now work directly with your team the same way you work with your colleagues back home. You are in charge of their work and hours and we’re by your side to take care of all the administration. Your team will get a dedicated HR manager who will be responsible for their welfare, community events and regular performance appraisals with you. Our collaborative approach and inspiring team environments means that we have one of the lowest churn rates out there.

Why Poplify Teams


Top 5% Talent

With offices across the 4 major IT hubs in India we have access to a huge talent pool. From this talent pool we attract the best with competitive packages and then put them though a rigorous 5 stage screening process. From the hundreds of applications we receive fewer than 5% are eventually accepted.

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50% Savings

We pay premium salaries in order to attract top 5% talent with the right cultural fit. After factoring in the salaries, admin, office space and payroll services we can cut IT spending by 30-50% compared to hiring at home. These costs have nothing to do with quality. India simply has a much lower cost of living than Europe and America.

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The ability to be flexible is imperative to modern-day product development. As your partner we make scaling easy. With a highly engaged talent acquisition team and local management, administration and processes in place we can rapidly scale your team up and down on demand without the usual financial and operational risks.

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HR and Culture

We set your team up in a beautiful work space with all the amenities they need! Your team has a dedicated HR manager responsible for their welfare, socials and performance appraisals with you. Our focus on HR, workplace and culture has helped us achieve some of the lowest churn rates.

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Transparent Billing

You will receive one invoice a month inclusive of everything. We break down every item so you have full visibility of your team salaries and operational costs. We do this so that you can see you're investment in premium talent, while cutting your costs by 30-50% compared to hiring at home.

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Local Support

Your local Product Strategy expert is on hand to help with team planning and account management. If you want to fly some of your team in or hire local resources to work alongside your team we can help with that too. If you want to visit your team in India we highly recommend you do. After all it’s your team and your office.

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Who you can hire

Our talent falls under the following areas of expertise split by roles and specialisms

by Role

QA Tester
Test Automation Engineer
Network Engineer
Database administrator
Security Engineer
Data Engineer
Mobile Developer
Full stack Developer
Backend Developer
Frontend Developer
Graphic Designer
UX/UI Designer
UX/UI Architect
Project Manager
Programme Manager
Solutions Architect
Business analyst
Product Manager

by Specialism

Amazon Machine Learning
Google Cloud AI
Google tensor flow
Elastic Search
digital ocean
apache server
NGINX server
apache spark
postegresql db
mysql db
mongo db
express js
node js
ruby on rails
codeigniter (PHP)
Angular js

Example Pricing

See below for example pricing of three different team stacks. Pricing is based on average salaries required to hire only the Top 5% talent. Poplify takes a small monthly fee per resource while the majority of your investment goes into your team. 

Tech Starter Stack

£ 9,000
From / Per Month
  • Product Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Technology Lead X 1
  • Developers X 3
  • Quality Assurance X 1
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Full Stack

£ 14,000
From / Per Month
  • Product Manager X 1
  • Business Analyst X 1
  • UX/UI Designer X 1
  • Technology Lead X 1
  • Developers X 2
  • Quality Assurance X 1
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Tech Growth Stack

£ 13,000
From / Per Month
  • Product Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Technology Lead X 1
  • Developers X 5
  • Quality Assurance X 2
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Team Stories

Shaping startups to global enterprises.

We helped HowNow build an AI powered learning platform that helps teams build skills and work smarter

We helped Big Potato Games enhance their traditional board gaming experience with complementary iOS and Android gaming apps

We helped Progress bring the essence of Personal Training to everyone by using smart algorithms to give custom workout and nutrition plans

We helped Fidelity build interactive reports, that allow them to enhance their customer experience and capture valuable insights.

We helped Wonderush build their online platform and mobile app to allow consumers to book classes and experiences in London.

We helped Firezza increase its brand presence and sales across its 20 stores by developing a highly interactive e-commerce site.

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